Creating and constructing with centuries-old skills.

Christine McGuigan holding leather
This Instagrammer is Turning Roadkill Into Leather Goods

It started on a hike and with an impromptu skinning lesson using a dead squirrel. Now, Ohioan Christine McGuigan creates pouches, purses, and sheaths for knives.

Steak and kidney pie
Nose-to-Tail Cooking Seeks a Culinary Comeback

Getting the most out of livestock means eating animal parts such as organs that lack popularity in American food culture but play high-profile roles in other cultures’ dishes and offer a solution to the food-waste issue.

Upcycle Denim Intervention: How to Save Ripped, Torn, and Hole-Ridden Jeans

Everything you need to know about denim’s history, the environmental impact of your pair of jeans, and how to repair your favorite pair courtesy of three denim experts.

Preserved food
An Inside Look at Home Canners Who Preserve by their Own Rules

From canning dairy and bacon to heating jars in ovens and dishwashers, this group of canners is reviving old-fashioned preservation methods and experimenting with new ones despite risks of food contamination.

7 raised hands holding crafting gear
Modern Craftivism: The Power of the Stitch

With crochet, knitting, and cross stitch, more people enlist crafts to give a voice to social issues around the world.

tools on a wood background
Homestead Hacks: DIY Chicken Feeder Trough

Turn a recycled piece of gutter and PVC piping into a feed trough.

Meat in a freezer
5 Budget-Friendly Fridge Alternatives

Homesteader-recommended alternatives for keeping food cool and cutting costs.