Rooted embraces and serves the modern homesteading community, a growing number of young, diverse individuals who live in cities and the countryside, connected by the goal of intentional living. In fact, homesteading has expanded beyond the idea of the off-grid cabin 50 miles from humanity. It’s beekeepers in Brooklyn, rebel canners in Kansas City, and a chicken-coop-loving neighborhood in the Silicon Valley. All united by a mission to reduce the distance between food source and dinner plate, support sustainability, and reconnect with the earth. This publication unites all those who share these goals, offering them multimedia, service-driven content bolstered by reporting and research on topics they care about — their land, their lifestyle, and things to make, create, and grow.

Members of the 2019 magazine, newspaper, and online journalism graduate program produced this as their capstone experience at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

Micah Castelo

Managing Editor
Randy Plavajka