The nurture and use of plants, animals, critters.

Vegan, Vegetarian Homesteaders Adopt Rescued Farm Animals

A growing number of no-kill homesteaders adopt farm animals to create loving homes for them to live as pets rather than food.

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First-Time Beekeepers Tell All

Beekeepers share their experiences purchasing, transporting, housing, and tending to thousands of buzzing bees.

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Will Milkweed Save Monarch Butterflies From Extinction?

How one lowly and misunderstood plant might play a critical role in bolstering the butterfly population.

Meet the Woman Promoting Food Justice Through Seed Saving

In response to the looming food crisis, seed organizations are fighting food insecurity by providing access to seeds. Jovan Sage, a farmer, herbalist and Seed Savers Exchange board director, explains how.

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The Alpacas of Rocking Horse Farm

This Jamesville, N.Y. farm features Christmas trees, apples, miniature donkeys, and a bunch of noisy, popular alpacas.

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7 Skin-Care Ingredients to Grow at Home

Don’t be afraid to use these garden-grown, dermatologist-recommended ingredients to improve your skin.

Cracking the Code on Grocery Store Eggs

Chicken expert Rachel Moody debunks the many myths about egg colors, grades, and sizes.

The Best Places to Buy Baby Chickens

Confused about buying baby chicks online? We break down seven online hatcheries by price and feature.

3 Expert-Approved Chicken Protection Tips

Advice from homesteaders and poultry experts to help keep your chickens alive and well.