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The Alpacas of Rocking Horse Farm
alpaca looking at camera

Although alpacas possess a smaller stature than their llama cousins, they bring big personalities and provide wool prized for its softness. At Rocking Horse Farm, which features 150 acres of apple orchards, a pond, a wedding barn, Christmas trees, horses, chickens, roosters, and miniature donkeys in Jamesville, N.Y., the alpacas stand out. Along with ornaments and local seasonal products, their annual holiday gift shop features items made only from alpaca wool, including gloves, scarves, socks, hats, sweaters, and yarn. But thanks to their quizzical faces, long necks, noisy nature, and propensity to spit when annoyed, the animals attract a lot of attention. Listen as owner Julie Liebmann explains.

Audio by Tony Coffield and Katy MacDonald.