Sustainable living beyond your front door.

working with her hands
The Reclamation of Ancestral Herbalism

Black and Indigenous people of color rise up to teach and bring attention to the contributions of historical practices overlooked and ignored by the herbalism community.

Journals, bags, and soap
The Folk School Movement Nurtures Non-Tech Skills from Earlier Eras

A different breed of school teaches skills such as gardening, blacksmithing, woodworking, soap-making, folk dancing, and weaving.

How Grey Water is Making Gardens More Sustainable

Through thoughtful water consumption and the right system, your home’s grey water can be used to nourish outside plants, flowers, and vegetation.

group of homesteaders in a cabin
Everything You Need to Know to Become a Homesteader

Permaculture consultant Andrew Faust provides the curious and the new with tips and advice for living off grid and becoming self-sufficient.

barn at the end of a field of corn
How Do I Find Land for My Homestead?

Most dreams of self-sufficiency and a connection to nature feature a plot of land to…

Mobile home in snow
5 Airbnb Destinations for Your Off-Grid Bucket List

These experiential stays offer dramatic vistas, community, activity, and self-sustainability.

Ellie running with goats
What I Learned from My Farm-Stay Experience

I expected hard work and rough conditions. But I didn’t anticipate the rain or the challenges of convincing a rogue sheep to return to the fold.

Festival goers walk around at night
The Top Fall Homesteading Events

From chicken coop tours to blacksmithing classes, these five festivals offer the best of modern homesteading and rural living.